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Mindful Yoga Carer Hannah V.

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Mindful Yoga Carer disability support worker service provider West Footscray

Hii! I'm Hannah! I’m a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher with a background in psychology and community work. I love permaculture, travel and frolicking in the forest! When I’m not doing yoga, I’m a mental health workshop facilitator and work with schools across the state to increase mental health awareness and strengthen relationships with self and others. I focus my Yoga on body awareness and soothing the nervous system so we can feel safe and good in our bodies. I am passionate about Yoga and body movement to support wellbeing, building self-worth and social connections. My style is slow flows, with a focus on breath and body awareness. I specialise working with young people of all genders, abilities and ethnicities. I have a background in psychology, social justice, gender equity, art, community, and enjoy combining these perspectives to explore health at a deeper level and address wellbeing from holistic perspectives. I am a gentle and creative person who enjoys assisting people to find an approach to Yoga that suits their body and having fun along the way!

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Mindful Yoga Care Disability Service Providers

Mindful Yoga Care Disability Service Provider

The NDIS is leading to a much needed change in the disability sector. Yogability Australia is providing progressive disability supports & services to NDIS participants.

Sign up to our Mindful Yoga Care disability support program to gain access to a qualified Yoga Teacher Mindful Yoga Carer or Mindful disability support worker. Our MYCarers & Mindful disability support workers are trained to deliver our MYCare program mindful disability supports.

Our main disability service MYCare includes yoga, meditation, stress management strategies, community participation & healthy lifestyle skills education development. Suitable to various types of physical and intellectual disabilities.

Mindful Yoga Care Support Sessions Explained

MYCare Disability Supports Sessions Explained

MYCare sessions are disability support worker sessions with a difference. Our MYCarers provide healthy lifestyle skills intertwined into disability support sessions.

Sessions are minimum 2hrs and can be delivered online and in physical sessions including the following:

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Participating in community activities
  • Personal development
  • Food skills development

Disability support sessions can be delivered online & in community. A typical 2 - 10 hour session could include doing a yoga session, working through a personal development exercise, preparing a healthy smoothie or snack and going for a walk in nature.

MYCamps Weekend Respite Retreat Adventures

Mindful Yoga Camps Weekend Respite Adventures

Yogability Australia provides Mindful Yoga Camps Weekend Respite Adventures to various locations around Australia. Our Weekend Respite Adventures involve participants getting out into community socialising & developing independence.

Our NDIS funded Mindful Yoga Camps Weekend Respite Adventures include things like:

  • Yoga & meditation
  • Accommodation costs
  • Community activities
  • Beach days
  • Healthy food & time management skills development
  • Independence development

We will also be running school holiday MYCamps in the future. Feel free to submit an enquiry through the button below to request more information.

Healthy Lifestyle Skills Development

Disability Support Worker Services including Healthy Lifestyle Skills development

Yoga, guided meditation & breathing exercises are a great self soothing & stress management strategy for participants. The controlled breathing apart of yoga and meditation helps to stimulate the brain helping to improve neural development.

In our MYCare disability services programs participants receive healthy lifestyle skills training including:

  • Yoga, meditation & breathing exercises
  • Social skills development
  • Community Participation
  • Community Exercise
  • Literacy Development
  • Motor Neural Development
  • Hygiene skills

MYCare NDIS disability services are delivered online, in home & in community. Participants gain access to the MYSchool digital disability support delivery system.

Online & Mobile Yoga Support Worker Sessions

Online and Physical Personalised Supports Sessions

Yogability Australia's health care professionals are trained Yoga Teachers and are inducted through our disability support worker delivery processes. Our MYCarers provide Online & Physical 2hr to 8hr personalised disability services to NDIS participants around Australia.

Our physical programs are delivered in home or community locations such as parks. Physical supports can include yoga, mediation, hikes in nature, other community activities & healthy food skills development.

Online supports are delivered via secure video confrencing and are always one to one. This allows our Mindful Yoga Carers disability support workers to provide personalised sessions to meet the needs & goals of the participant.

NDIS funded Disability Services

Our NDIS Funded Disability Services

Yogability Australia is a registered NDIS provider and delivers our NDIS funded programs Australia wide. Our supports are designed to improve the daily living of participants.

Our Core & Capacity Building NDIS funded disability supports & services include:

  • Assistance with self care
  • Improved Daily Living
  • Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities
  • Individual Skills development
  • Individual Social Skills development
  • Weekend Respite

Supports are personalised and are tailored to help participants reach their support goals. Give us a call or click the button below and submit an enquiry.

NDIS funded Support Coordination

NDIS Funded Support Category

Support Coordination is funded under the NDIS. Participants can request budget in this area in plan reviews and prior to plan commencement.

Getting Support Coordination funding doesn't effect your overall budget of your plan, as the NDIS allocate funding for this specific category.

There are four NDIS categorys related to Support Coordination they are:

  • Level 1: Support Connection
  • Level 2: Coordination Of Supports
  • CB and Training in Plan and Financial Management by a Support Coordinator

Click the button below and register your interest to gain access to one of our mindful NDIS support coordinators.

Hannah V. Mindful Yoga Carer Service Areas

Mindful Yoga Carer disability service provider West Footscray service areas

3012,Brooklyn,0.00 3012,Kingsville,0.00 3012,Kingsville West,0.00 3012,Maidstone,0.00 3012,Tottenham,0.00 3012,West Footscray,0.00 3013,Yarraville,2.54 3013,Yarraville West,2.54 3019,Braybrook,2.57 3019,Braybrook North,2.57 3019,Robinson,2.57 3015,Newport,3.86 3015,South Kingsville,3.86 3015,Spotswood,3.86 3025,Altona East,3.68 3025,Altona Gate,3.68 3025,Altona North,3.68 3011,Footscray,4.11 3011,Seddon,4.11 3011,Seddon West,4.11 3020,Albion,4.31 3020,Glengala,4.31 3020,Sunshine,4.31 3020,Sunshine North,4.31 3020,Sunshine West,4.31 3032,Ascot Vale,4.82 3032,Highpoint City,4.82 3032,Maribyrnong,4.82 3032,Travancore,4.82 3031,Flemington,5.75 3031,Kensington,5.75 3034,Avondale Heights,5.10 3207,Garden City,5.72 3207,Port Melbourne,5.72 3016,Williamstown,6.74 3016,Williamstown North,6.74 3022,Ardeer,6.03 3022,Deer Park East,6.03 3003,West Melbourne,7.78 3008,Docklands,7.68 3018,Altona,7.41 3018,Seaholme,7.41 3026,Laverton North,7.98 3033,Keilor East,7.35 3039,Moonee Ponds,7.09 3040,Aberfeldie,7.14 3040,Essendon,7.14 3040,Essendon West,7.14 3051,Hotham Hill,7.28 3051,North Melbourne,7.28 3052,Melbourne University,7.97 3052,Parkville,7.97 8012,Docklands,7.68 3000,Melbourne,8.48 3005,World Trade Centre,8.11 3006,South Wharf,8.24 3010,University Of Melbourne,8.89 3023,Burnside,8.40 3023,Cairnlea,8.40 3023,Caroline Springs,8.40 3023,Deer Park,8.40 3023,Deer Park North,8.40 3023,Ravenhall,8.40 3042,Airport West,8.86 3042,Keilor Park,8.86 3042,Niddrie,8.86 3050,Royal Melbourne Hospital,8.24 3055,Brunswick South,8.61 3055,Brunswick West,8.61 3055,Moonee Vale,8.61 3055,Moreland West,8.61 3205,South Melbourne,8.95 3205,South Melbourne Dc,8.95 3006,Southbank,9.38 3021,Albanvale,9.08 3021,Kealba,9.08 3021,Kings Park,9.08 3021,St Albans,9.08 3041,Essendon Fields,9.60 3041,Essendon North,9.25 3041,Strathmore,9.25 3041,Strathmore Heights,9.25 3053,Carlton,9.23 3053,Carlton South,9.23 3054,Carlton North,9.59 3054,Princes Hill,9.59 3056,Brunswick,9.81 3056,Brunswick Lower,9.81 3056,Brunswick North,9.81 3206,Albert Park,9.01 3206,Middle Park,9.01 3002,East Melbourne,10.71 3004,Melbourne,10.42 3004,St Kilda Road Central,10.42 3028,Altona Meadows,10.56 3028,Laverton,10.56 3028,Seabrook,10.56 3044,Pascoe Vale,10.73 3044,Pascoe Vale South,10.73 3065,Fitzroy,10.26 8008,St Kilda Road Central,10.42 3036,Keilor,11.82 3036,Keilor North,11.82 3057,Brunswick East,11.01 3057,Lygon Street North,11.01 3057,Sumner,11.17 3058,Batman,11.76 3058,Coburg,11.76 3058,Coburg North,11.76 3058,Merlynston,11.76 3058,Moreland,11.76 3066,Collingwood,11.05 3066,Collingwood North,11.05 3068,Clifton Hill,11.13 3068,Fitzroy North,11.13 3023,Burnside Heights,12.47 3027,Williams Landing,12.04 3037,Calder Park,12.41 3037,Delahey,12.41 3037,Hillside,12.41 3037,Plumpton,12.41 3037,Sydenham,12.41 3037,Taylors Hill,12.41 3046,Glenroy,12.63 3046,Hadfield,12.63 3046,Oak Park,12.63 3067,Abbotsford,12.05 3070,Northcote,12.72 3070,Northcote South,12.72 3121,Burnley,12.48 3121,Cremorne,12.48 3121,Richmond,12.48 3121,Richmond East,12.48 3121,Richmond North,12.48 3121,Richmond South,12.48 3121,Victoria Gardens,12.48 3141,Chapel Street North,12.02 3141,Domain Road Po,12.02 3141,South Yarra,12.02 3181,Prahran,12.93 3181,Prahran East,12.93 3181,Windsor,12.93 3182,St Kilda,12.24 3182,St Kilda South,12.24 3182,St Kilda West,12.24 3043,Gladstone Park,13.03 3043,Gowanbrae,13.03 3043,Tullamarine,13.03 3071,Thornbury,13.87 3121,Burnley North,13.00 3183,Balaclava,13.93 3183,St Kilda East,13.93 3184,Brighton Road,13.59 3184,Elwood,13.59 3029,Hoppers Crossing,14.05 3029,Tarneit,14.05 3029,Truganina,14.05 3038,Keilor Downs,14.47 3038,Keilor Lodge,14.47 3038,Taylors Lakes,14.47 3038,Watergardens,14.47 3045,Melbourne Airport,14.88 3060,Fawkner,14.53 3060,Fawkner East,14.53 3060,Fawkner North,14.53 3072,Gilberton,14.60 3072,Northland Centre,14.60 3072,Preston,14.60 3072,Preston Lower,14.60 3072,Preston South,14.60 3072,Preston West,14.60 3072,Regent West,14.60 3072,Sylvester,14.60 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East,24.94 3192,Cheltenham North,24.94 3192,Southland Centre,24.94 3193,Beaumaris,24.24 3193,Black Rock,24.24 3193,Black Rock North,24.24 3193,Cromer,24.24 3338,Strathtulloh,24.61 3428,Bulla,24.42

Access Yogability NDIS Disability Services

Yogability disability supports include Yoga, meditation, hygiene skills & food education. Delivered online or by one of Yogability Australia Mindful Yoga Carers.

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Mindful Yoga Care

Mindful disability support including yoga, meditation, hygiene skills, social skills development & food education.

Online & Mobile icon

Mobile & Online NDIS Supports

Yogability Australia carers are happy to travel to deliver 1:1 Yoga & MYCare sessions in participants homes, online or in the community.

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Digital Disability Support Delivery Platform

Online disability support education system. Access program content anywhere anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yogability Australia - Disability Service Provider - Where Empowerment and Support Create Boundless Possibilities

What is the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), how does it relate to disability service providers?

What is the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and how does it relate to disability service providers?

NDIS is a government initiative in Australia that provides funding for disability support services. Disability support workers like Yogability, offer services under the NDIS to help individuals achieve their goals.

How does Yogability stand out as a disability service provider?

How does Yogability stand out as a disability service provider?

Yogability is known for exceptional disability support services, offering personalized assistance and a range of programs tailored to individual needs.

What is the role of a disability support worker?

What is the role of a disability support worker?

A disability support worker assists individuals with disabilities in various activities, such as personal care, household tasks, and participating in community activities.

How does Yogability ensure the quality of its disability support workers?

How does Yogability ensure the quality of its disability support workers?

Yogability works with experienced disability support workers who undergo the NDIS worker orientation training and have relevant industry checks including the NDIS worker check & working with children checks to ensure the delivery of top-notch services.

How can I find disability service providers near me?

How can I find disability service providers near me?

You can easily find disability support workers like Yogability by searching online or contacting your local NDIS office for recommendations.

What makes Yogability the best NDIS provider support option?

What makes Yogability the best NDIS provider support option?

Yogability's commitment to personalized care, experienced workers, and diverse service offerings make it a top choice among NDIS providers.

How can I inquire about the services offered by Yogability?

How can I inquire about the services offered by Yogability?

You can contact Yogability directly through our website to inquire about our disability support services.

Can family members be involved in planning an individual's support services at Yogability?

Can family members be involved in planning an individual's support services at Yogability?

Yogability encourages family involvement to create personalized disability support plans that cater to an individual's preferences and needs. We aim to connect a Mindful Yoga Carer disability support worker that is near you.

Can I choose my disability support worker from Yogability?

Can I choose my disability support worker from Yogability?

Yogability aims to match clients with suitable Mindful Yoga Carer disability support workers based on the clients availability, preferences and needs. Yogability ensure a comfortable and productive relationship is fostered between the Mindful Yoga Carer disability support worker and the client.

Does Yogability offer online or virtual disability support services?

Does Yogability offer online or virtual disability support services?

Yes, Yogability may offer virtual support services, allowing clients to access assistance from a Mindful Yoga Carer NDIS Disability Support Worker remotely.

What are the benefits of using a disability service provider?

What are the benefits of using a disability service provider?

There are many benefits to using a disability support worker from an NDIS disability service provider. These benefits include:

  • Getting the help you need to live independently
  • Improving your quality of life
  • Achieving your goals
  • Socialising with a disability support worker
  • Reducing stress and anxiety

What factors should I consider when choosing disability support services near me?

What factors should I consider when choosing disability support services near me?

When selecting disability support services, consider factors such as the provider's reputation, range of services offered, proximity to your location, staff qualifications, and their ability to cater to your specific needs or preferences.

Ready to experience exceptional disability support services? Contact Yogability today to embark on a journey toward empowerment and independence. Explore personalized care plans, diverse programs, and skilled disability support Workers NDIS. Don't miss out on unlocking boundless possibilities for yourself or your loved ones!

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