NDIS Support Coordination & Advocacy

Caring experienced NDIS funded Support Cordinators and Advocates available

Experienced NDIS Support Coordinators & Advocates

Our Support Coordinators and advocates are experienced health care professionals

Advocates, Support Coordinators & Support Coordination available

Advocacy, Support Coordinators & Support Coordination

Yogability Australia provides support coordination and NDIS advocacy services. Our Support Coordinators are passionate in working with people with disability to help achieve their goals. Support Coordinators assist in planning meetings connecting participants to services and help with managing provider relationships.

  • Assist with plan reviews
  • Advocate for correct funding
  • Complete Support Plans

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NDIS funded Support Coordination

NDIS Funded Support Category

Support Coordination is funded under the NDIS. Participants can request budget in this area in plan reviews and prior to plan commencement.

Getting Support Coordination funding doesn't effect your overall budget of your plan, as the NDIS allocate funding for this specific category.

There are four NDIS categorys related to Support Coordination they are:

  • Level 1: Support Connection
  • Level 2: Coordination Of Supports
  • Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination
  • CB and Training in Plan and Financial Management by a Support Coordinator

Level 1: Support Connection

Accessible Progressive Disability Services

Assistance for participants to implement their plan by strengthening the ability to connect with the broader systems of supports and understand the purpose of the funded supports and participate in the community.

Support Connection will assist a participant to understand the aspects of the plan, assisting in ongoing management of supports, and answer questions as they arise.

Level 2: Coordination Of Supports

Plan Reviews & Support Management

Support Coordinators are required to strengthen a participant’s ability to design and build their supports with an emphasis on linking the broader systems of support across a complex service delivery environment.

Coordination of Supports is to focus on supporting participants to direct their lives, not just their services. This may include resolving points of crisis, and developing resilience in the participant's network.

The NDIS can be tough to navigate for new participants and carers. Support Coordinators help with navigating the NDIS, assisting with plan review meetings, helping to gain further access to funding amounts & manage provider relationships.

Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination

Plan Reviews & Support Management

Generally delivered in a time limited, outcomes focused manner and by an appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner to meet the individual needs of the participant’s circumstances.

Necessitated by specific high complex needs or high level risks in a participant’s situation, to reduce complexity in the participant’s support environment in the context of broader systems of support, whilst also assisting the participant to connect with NDIS supports, negotiate solutions with multiple stakeholders and build capacity and resilience.

The Support Coordinator creates documentation to assist with NDIS reviews so that funding is alocated correctly to help achieve your support goals. Support Coordinators create a plan to achieve these goals by researching NDIS providers for you to access.

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