Online NDIS Disability Service Providers

NDIS funded online and physical Mindful Yoga Care supports available

Accessible NDIS Disability Services

NDIS participants & carers access MYSchool Platform virtual & physical MYCare education disability support sessions

MYCare & MYSchool Explained

Digital & Physical Personal Development

Mindful Yoga Care sessions can include yoga & meditation, stress management strategies, personal development in hygiene skills, digital media usage, road safety and social skills.

Videos and worksheets are available on the platform that are used by support workers to help develop these healthy life skills of participants.

Mindful Disability Services

Accessible Progressive Disability Services

Receive personalised one to one Mindful Yoga Care disability support sessions. Gain access to further healthy lifestyle development through our MYSchool disability support platform.

Our health care professionals use this to deliver personalised online or physical NDIS Mindful Yoga Care disability support sessions.

Educational Videos & Content

YogaRoo Education Cards & Videos

YogaRoo is a role model for healthy lifestyle skills. Download worksheets and education cards from the various educational videos in the digital disability service system.

These cards assist in NDIS disability supports deliver making it easier for support workers to teach healthy lifestyle skills to participants.

Personalised Support Sessions

Online and Physical Yoga Supports Available

Yogability Australia's health care professionals are trained Yoga Teachers who love to deliver online and physical mindful disability support sessions.

Participants accessing our MYCare disability services will choose a MYCarer who will tailor sessions to the participant. Sessions will include yoga, meditation and personal development.

Meditation Breathing Exercises

Access Stress Management Meditations & Breathing Exercises

Participants accessing our supports will receive stress management meditation and breathing exercise training.

Easy to follow videos available on the MYSchool platform and one to one personal sessions apart of supports.

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Thank you for your interest in our Mindful Yoga Care Program. You should have received an email with a link to our participant details form, if you are an NDIS participant and would like to access services please complete this.

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Online NDIS Disability Services

NDIS participants, plan nominee or support team access our MYSchool Platform & virtual MYCare education disability support sessions

Mindful yoga platform

Carer MYCare Platform Access

Participant carers can access the MYCare platform content to assist with Mindful Yoga care disability support delivery.

Positions available for Yoga Teachers to deliver 1:1 & group Mindful Yoga Care sessions.

Positions and carers gain access to:

  • Interactive Yoga videos
  • Yogability Australia Policies & Procedures
  • Mindfulness Meditations
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Education Content
  • Competitive pay structure for health care team
  • MYCare Session delivery opportunities

Mindful yoga platform

Participant MYCare Platform Access

Sign up to Yogability Australia's Mindful Yoga Care Disability Support and access content remotely from your home.

Online & physical disability supports & services educational content including:

  • Virtual support sessions
  • Yoga videos
  • Guided Meditations
  • Stress Management
  • Education cards
  • Food Education
  • Hygiene Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Digital Skills

Physical & virtual 1:1 Mindful Yoga Care sessions available.

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