Dismantling the stigma around yoga and disability image

Dismantling the stigma around yoga and disability
Happy International Yoga Day!

What are some of the main health benefits of yoga for people with disabilities?

Yoga is beneficial for everyone. At Yogability Australia we have seen firsthand the benefits that yoga and meditation have brought to the clients we work with. Some clients have never done yoga before and it is beautiful to see them go into such a relaxed state when participating in the flows. The benefits we have seen from clients participating in our Mindful Yoga Care program include improved emotional regulation, mobility, coordination and ability to self-soothe through the various breathing exercises taught in the sessions. We have also seen improvement in independence and social interaction due to community participation and healthy life skill development.

What can someone expect from the programs you offer?

Clients of Yogability Australia can expect to experience yoga and meditation in our sessions. We have integrated a digital disability support education management system into our program, where the yoga support workers and clients can log in and access various healthy life skill videos and YogaRoo education cards. A typical MYCare session could involve reading through a life skill YogaRoo education card on hygiene, participating in one-to-one yoga or meditation at home, and enjoying a cup of tea or a smoothie socialising and debriefing after the practice. In longer sessions clients can experience hikes and meditation in nature, yoga in various community settings and further engagment in various social activities to improve community participation. In Yogability Australia Mindful Yoga Camps Respite Retreats clients can expect to experience an adventure. Clients will enjoy a break from their typical care routines by attending flexible short term accommodation options with a Yogability Australia Mindful Yoga Carer in various locations around Australia. Clients will experience participation in various socially engaging activities such as public yoga classes to strengthen carer and client relationships improving mental wellbeing.

How can we overcome the misconception that yoga is for people who are abled bodied and make it less intimidating for beginners with a disability?

Like we preach, yoga is for everyone and the work we are doing is trying to change stigmas like this. Everyone is different and has a unique body. To remove this stigma, we need to convey to beginners that it is ok to not be flexible as the whole point of the practice of yoga is meeting your body where you are in the present moment. Recognise that you are human and need self care.

A bit about Yogability Australia

If you’re someone who has never done yoga and wants to, Marshall at Yogability Australia says get out there and give it a go! Yoga has been used as a self-care tool for thousands of years helping people all over the world. In Marshall’s personal experience, he tried yoga for the first time in his bedroom by watching a video on YouTube. He also speaks to the benefits this ancient practice can reap on the mind, body and soul.

Recognising accessibility is key and often overlooked by many service-based businesses, Yogability Australia has put together a great resource on their website. This includes a list of Mindful Yoga Carers and yoga centres that helps you know they can provide services to NDIS clients and are an accessible studio.

Access Yogability NDIS Disability Services

Yogability disability supports include Yoga, meditation, hygiene skills & food education. Delivered online or by one of Yogability Australia Mindful Yoga Carers.

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Mindful disability support including yoga, meditation, hygiene skills, social skills development & food education.

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Yogability Australia carers are happy to travel to deliver 1:1 Yoga & MYCare sessions in participants homes, online or in the community.

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